Friday, April 22, 2016

Summer Bucket List

The past few days have been so nice it's been hard to reel in the summer and remind myself that it's only April. That being said out came the flip flops and I started making plans in my head for things I wanted to do when the warm weather is here for good. Then, I realized that everything on the list was for the kids. That's when I decided I needed a mommy summer bucket list. A list of at least 10 things I wanted to do for myself this summer, so here goes:

1. Go to the beach by myself for a day. Sit with my feet in the water, read my book, listen to my music, and not have to talk to anyone for at least 4 hours.

2. See a sunrise over the lake.

3. Get dressed up and go out for drinks and dancing. Maybe even show some cleavage.

4. Go on a date to the drive-in and make out during intermission.

5. Have a sisters slumber party

6. Go Kayaking on the Saco and camp out

7. Make ice cream

8. Have a bonfire in the back yard

9. Sleep until noon

10. Explore some cute little town

11. Complete a 60-day photo challenge

12. Learn to cross stitch

13. Take a vacation in Wolfeboro

14. Decorate my bedroom

15. Lose 10 pounds

 What is on your summer bucket list? Does anyone have suggestions for things I should add to mine? I promise I'll keep you all updated as I check items off. Here's to one amazing summer.

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