Tuesday, April 26, 2016

8 Reasons Why Toddlers are Awesome

When you're in the thick of parenting a toddler the meltdowns and general bad behavior make it easy to bemoan this stage. They don't listen. They won't eat. They sass back, they hit, they bite, they pee their pants, and get into everything. Then there are those moments, usually when she is curled in my lap asleep, that I remember how fast the last two years have been. As tough as those 2 a.m. feedings were, I miss that time.  Just the two of us wrapped in dark, snuggled together breathing each other in. I know deep down there will come a time (possibly far, far in the future) when I will miss these toddler days and wish I had stopped to appreciate them more, so with no further ado I give you 5 reasons toddlers ROCK!

1. They return the favor and cheer when you go pee pee on the potty like a big girl.

2. "Look! A plane!" Everyday sights are new and wonderous.

3. They embrace nudity and love their bodies in a way I wish I could.

4. A toddler is free to follow their bliss with zero cares about what other people think or want.

5. The moments when you find your kid talking to thin air and are reminded of the epic technicolored world inside your own childhood imagination.

6. Toddlers are gangsters. They are not afraid to call your bluff and dare even the sternest mommy to do something about it. Sometimes I wish I had those cajones.

7. Toddler speak. There is nothing that brightens my day faster than my daughter's mixed up consonant sounds.

8. The moment when you walk in the door and they screech your name and come running.

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Lynn Libby said...

Things to look forward to. I am enjoying the newborn stage now that he is sleeping more!