Monday, April 11, 2016

Mommy Blogger

When I started this blog my bio read something like, "Laura is a single, twenty-something, who is decidedly childless, much to her mother's chagrin." Yet, here I am; a married, nearly mid-thirty, mommy of two, who hasn't written a word since the birth of my first bundle of joy two and a half years ago. I mentioned to my friend earlier today that I wanted to get back to blogging and she immediately said with a grin, "Oh you're going to be a mommy blogger!" For some reason I recoiled at the idea. At the heart of it, yes, I am now a mommy blogger, because well, I'm a mom and I'm a blogger. Also, because I'll probably end up writing about what it is that most moms who are bloggers write about: poop mishaps, dopey spouses, projects I haven't yet lost interest in, mishaps involving poop, random rants about bad parkers, and yes probably more mishaps involving human waste. But, in so many ways this blog isn't about being a mommy any more today than it was when I started it 8 years ago. The difference is that I know now that being a mommy doesn't and can't define me anymore than being single and childless did back in 2008. My voice is unchanged.

I used to have dreams. Things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go. My hiatus from this blog and the dwindling of posts before then seem to signify a time when I turned my eye from the world and stopped thinking about somedays. The here and now needed too much attention. Today I feel like I'm stepping outside on that first truly warm day in late winter. I'm back here and writing again because I need to remember that just because I'm a mom with the proverbial overflowing plate and a thousand responsibilities doesn't mean that I shouldn't be thinking and hoping about what is to come next. Balance is key. I can live in the present. I can be grateful for my blessings and not wish the minutes past. I can also dream of the future, setting goals and moving towards the me that will be writing a decade from now. The wiser me who will be shaking her head at where I am today and all the distance still to go.

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SusanE said...

Glad you're back in the blogging game. Can't wait to read all about the poop mishaps. Love you, love your thoughtfulness and fully support you in your quest to balance the celebration of the moment and your visions of the future. Muah!