Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Random Things- March

Today I am linking up with Growing Up a Thomas for 5 Random Facts March!!

1. Every year in January I think, "OH MY GOODNESS! I HAVE TO HAVE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!" and then in March I think "Oh my goodness if I eat all these cookies I will; A. Be sick B. Be as big as a house and C. be so sad they are all gone until next year." This year I have devised a brilliant plan to solve this serious issue. I carefully counted the total number of cookies I have, 124 cookies. Then I divided them by 12 months, which comes out to 10 cookies a month with 4 cookies left over. I will then label 12 freezer baggies January through December and freeze my 12 month allotment of girl scout cookie yumminess. In this manner I may; enjoy the cookies throughout the year, avoid eating all five boxes in one sitting and make myself sick and avoiding being so Girl Scout cookie deprived that I do this to myself once again next year. That is the plan folks. We shall see how it works out for me.

2. Has this ever happened to you? You walk in after a long day at work and smell a funk then spend the next 20 minutes playing "Find That Stink"? For those of you who are more fastidious than I, this is a fun little game where one spends a crazy amount of time playing nose based hot and cold as you search for the source of a stinky smell. In my case it was a forgotten carrot lost at the bottom of the crisper.

3. I learned today that a woman I know is retiring at the end of the year due to being connected to a prostitution scandal. It always weirds me out when what I am watching live at 6 is ripped from my life. It seems to be happening with alarming frequency in the past couple of years. I wish some of these sensations were positive.

4. I'm making this amazing asian pasta dish to go with dinner tonight and hoping to snap some shots so I can share the recipe with y'all sometime in the near future so stay tuned:). Oh man I am hungry. Can you tell?

5. I am so excited for spring. Are you excited for spring? I am planning the garden and lusting after my cute sun dresses. Meanwhile, I am huddled in front of my space heater wearing fleece and fur.

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